Stop searching and start packing, Danhamz services are designed to keep things simple. Tell us your property requirements and we will match you against our database of nationwide properties. To go all the way, if we don’t have your property available on our books, then we’ll go out and find it for you, so you can rest assured that your ideal new home will come to you.

We go out of our way to make sure the viewing time fit with you, whether they are during the day in your lunch hour, in the evening or weekends, even bank holidays are covered.

Once we find that ideal home for you, our sign up and move-in process, is quick, easy, competitive, and carried out in confidence via our specialist partners who are experts in this field. On approval you’re in as soon as you want to be in line with move in requirements.

Once you’re in the service is fantastic. We manage repairs and maintenance as fast as possible to keep your stay comfortable, we help advise on everything that may be a concern to you. The service is so great that when you do want to find your next home, and we appreciate at some point you will move on, you will want to use us to find that next home as most of our tenants do. What better testimonial do you need.

We can even find you ideal accomodation at great rates for that special holiday, whether its Florida, Cyprus or any other destination.

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